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SSH-Key managament on google cloud step by step guide- Tutorial 3

ssh key management on google cloud platform, how to add user ssh key on machines which are on google cloud platfrom. user can add there ssh public key to the configuration of google cloud. the same #sshkey can be used to login into any system which exist in #google #cloud #platform source

Synology DiskStation DS1817+ Review

Don’t miss my “iPhone SE Review” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Synology DiskStation DS1817+ Review … including a look at the hardware, installation, setup, user interface, Calendar, Chat & Office apps. SUBSCRIBE – Product supplied by Synology Video sponsored by Editors Keys What I Use …  My Camera UK USA My Lens UK USA […]

Fail2Ban on the Raspberry Pi Part 2 – Logs and Unbanning IPs

A quick tutorial on how to unblock and IP address or user from your Raspberry Pi that has been blocked by Fail2Ban. To get the blocked IP tables use: “sudo iptables -L -n –line” When you’ve identified the number of the run you wish to unban, use: “sudo iptables -D fail2ban-ssh $rowNumber$” Replace $rowNumber$ with […]

Fail2Ban on the Raspberry Pi Part 1 – Install

How to install Fail2Ban on the RaspberryPi: Make sure that you’ve changed the default password: “psswd” Update the Raspberry Pi: “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y” Install Fail2Ban: “sudo apt-get install fail2ban” Once installed, enter the config file: “sudo nano /etc/fail2ban/jail.local” And enter something like this: “[ssh] enabled = true port = ssh […]

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FFMPEG: Installing FFMPEG On Windows

A video tutorial showing you how to install FFMPEG on Windows source

Angular 2 Quickstart Tutorial 2016

#1 Online Course: Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners ( #2 Online Course: Angular 2 – The Complete Guide ( #3 Online Course: Angular 2 – From The Ground Up ( In this video you will learn how to get started with a basic Angular 2 (Beta) project very quickly. It takes you through the […]

How to download Proper Quick heal Setup and install it Correctly.

Today i am going to show you very simple tutorial. How to download Proper Quick heal Setup and install it Correctly. Download free trials any version Download proper quickheal setup according to lic key. Download quickheal updates 2017 Download quickheal upgrades all versions More information Buy quickheal antivirus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- […]

Raspberry Pi VNC Server – Part 3: Using SSH and VNCViewer to tunnel to VNCServer

How to access VNCServer using VNCViewer and SSH/PuTTY to access my Raspberry Pi over port 22 (instead of VNCServer’s port 5900). This requires that VNC Server was setup on the Raspberry Pi, VNC Viewer was installed on your local machine and port forwarding was previously sertup. Download PuTTY: Launch PuTTY Enter a Host Name […]


LiteSpeed WebServer with Centos Web Server (CWP) Installation instructions for installation and configuration of the LiteSpeed WebServer which is used as high performance replacement of apache/suPHP. Please note that for LiteSpeed installation you need to have a valid license! installation : yum groupinstall ‘Development Tools’ yum install glibc.i686 cd /usr/local/src/ wget tar -zxvf lsws-5.0.19-std-i386-linux.tar.gz […]

Linux Action News 10

With Chris away, Ryan joins Joe. A new release for Fedora, Yunit is now available for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu is now an app in the Windows Store, Ryan gives us more details about System76’s new OS, Ikey starts his new job at Solus & Beaker is a new browser that promises a truly decentralized web. […]

How to Install Squid as Transparent Proxy on Centos

How to Install Squid as Transparent Proxy on Centos 5 In this step by step video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install and configure squid server as transparent proxy server…. After following all step you can successfully install and configure squid server that you can use with gateway instead of browser proxy. […]

How to install Mate Desktop Environment on Ubuntu 17.04

This video covers the installation of MATE desktop is covered in this tutorial. MATE desktop, a continuation of GNOME 2, is a simple-to-use, intuitive and attractive desktop environment. For more explanation on this video: source

Quick guide: How to EASILY rent a Minecraft server & install FTB:Infinity on it IMPORTANT: Remember to do enable this if u want to enable the 75 extra biomes Minecraft Multicraft Server Hosting Guide Minecraft Multicraft Server Hosting Guide Minecraft Multicraft Server Hosting Guide How to host a minecraft server How to host a minecraft server How to host a minecraft server How to make a minecraft […]

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