Got your CHIP from Next Thing Co. ? Chip has got a composite jack, and a USB port for interfacing. All you need is a monitor, keyboard mouse to get started with prototyping your projects.

Now, what if you don’t have a monitor?
In raspberry pi, you can just connect an ethernet port to your computer. start an ssh interface to configure settings and make a vncserver for accessing your raspberry pi’s desktop, through your computer.
But, In CHIP there is no ethernet interface, but it is wifi enabled. And the USB of the CHIP can act as a CDC composite gadget (like a usb ethernet). Lets get started…

1.Connect the CHIP to your computer using a USB cable( of an android phone maybe..)
2. Check if the device is on using: lsusb
3. Check the device port using: dmesg | tail
4. Start screen on the port: screen /dev/ttyACM0
5.login with your default , loginid : root, password :chip
6.Now you have logged in succesfully in to your CHIP through ssh.

For getting the CHIP desktop,
1)connect your chip to your wifi router. using: nmtui
2)find your ip using: ifconfig
3)now install vnc server: sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
4)enter vncserver, it will create a log file
5)open a remote desktop client like remmina,
6)use the ipaddress, login and password, and enter the desktop session.