Trine 2 on Steam for Linux running Ubuntu 12.10


This video is showing Trine 2 installed and started from Steam for Linux on an Ubuntu 12.10 64-Bit installation.

This is my first screencast, so please excuse the bad production quality.
I hope it still helps you to get an impression on how the game runs on Linux, what the out of the box experience is and what the current issues are.

In case you are wondering about the video footage in the last 40 seconds of the video:
You can see what configuration steps are needed to play Trine 2 with a XBox 360 Wireless Controller.
Basically you just install xboxdrv and configure the rc.local script in the path /etc/ to remove the default driver and load xboxdrv instead with the paramaters “silent” and “mimic-xpad”. This solves the controller issues for me. With the default xpad driver I wasn’t able to use my controller to play the game.
Hope this helps…

Hf playing the game!




  1. Does this also hide the top panel or just the unity bar on the left?
    Also, when you accidentally or willingly move your mouse to the top or left edge of the screen, does the unity bar and/or top panel reappear on top of the game?
    It may be a workaround but not so much a proper solution. Other Linux games like HalfLife2 or Tiny&Big show that it can be done the right way.

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