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Ubuntu Kylin 16.10 Beta 1

It is a sweet operating system, similar to stock Ubuntu, but a lot of the system is only in Chinese which can be a problem. I also apologize for some of the online … source

Trine 2 on Steam for Linux running Ubuntu 12.10

This video is showing Trine 2 installed and started from Steam for Linux on an Ubuntu 12.10 64-Bit installation. This is my first screencast, so please excuse the bad production quality. I hope it still helps you to get an impression on how the game runs on Linux, what the out of the box experience […]

How to boot linux iso from usb and test whit Qemu

How to boot linux iso from usb and test whit Qemu Link winsetupfromusb : – boot ubuntu from usb – boot windows 8.1 from usb flash – boot windows xp and windows 7 from usb – boot deepin-2014 – elementaryos- kali-linux- ubuntukylin- from usb flash source

Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 Beta 1

Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 Beta 1 In this tutorial, I demonstrate Ubuntu 17.04 Desktop Linux. And a quick tour, not that much to report at this point. Beta 1 23 February (for flavors) UI Freeze 9 March Final Beta 23 March Kernel Freeze 30 March Release Candidate 9 April Stable Release 13 April My PC: Notebook […]

Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 7 : Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo on an AMD HD5750

A short video checking out the recently released UE4 Elemental demo running on both Ubuntu and Windows, this time on AMD hardware. Currently, Unreal Engine 4 is still in development for Linux. Thus, this is just a short sneak peak on where the performance currently is. On both the Ubuntu and Windows side, I am […]

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