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Ubuntu 14.04 running on a Raspberry Pi 2

This is a quick look at Ubuntu 14.04 running on a Raspberry Pi 2. I was able to install MythTV backend on this but I can’t say how well it would work for daily use. source

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 On The Raspberry PI 3

In today’s video we are going to take a look at how well Ubuntu Mate 16.04 runs on the Raspberry PI 3. I have been using Ubuntu Mate in conjunction with my … source

Raspberry pi 3 running Ubuntu MATE

I got a raspberry pi 3 and tried Ubuntu MATE. it was interesting to me so i thought i would share 🙂 Thank you for watching. System Specs: OS: Manjaro Linux (all … source

Raspberry Pi 2 Ubuntu MATE

Installing Ubuntu MATE on a Raspberry Pi 2 — so proving that it can run a fully-fledged version of Linux! 🙂 You may also like some of my other Raspberry Pi … source

Raspberry Pi DNS Server

More videos like this online at In this video we instal the bind (bind9) DNS software onto the Raspberry Pi and see how we can setup DNS on the little computer source

Raspberry Pi 3B Review – Is Raspbian Linux a real, practial desktop computer?

Is the Raspberry Pi powerful enough to be used as a desktop computer? Can you really do useful work on it like spreadsheets and word processing. What about 3D games like Minecraft, or simply browsing the web and watching Youtube? I recorded my experiences using the latest Raspberry Pi 3B in realtime via a 60fps […]

Low End Tech – Raspberry Pi 2 VPN Server easy way

Hey This is a how to install vpn server on raspberry pi 2. We will be covering debian / raspbian installation as well as how to install pptp. Hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for the view! VPN Service PIA Raspbian Downloads win32diskimager portforward instructions Raspberry Pi 2: Other Videos […]

Raspberry Pi: Druckerserver installieren

In diesem Video wird gezeigt, wie Sie einen Druckerserver auf Ihrem Raspberry Pi installieren können. apt-get install cups printer-driver-gutenprint cupsctl –remote-admin lsusb cupsctl –share-printers cupsctl –remote-printers usermod -aG lpadmin pi Auf vielfachen Wunsch verlinken wir nun auf die von uns in dem Video gezeigten Produkte. Nur weil wir auf Amazon verlinken, heißt das nicht, dass […]

Instalando RTandroid no Raspberry PI 3 – Parte 01

Olá Seja Bem vindo, Sou Diego Costa e neste Vídeo irei mostra a instalação de uma distribuição Android no Raspberry PI 3. O RTAndroid, sendo desenvolvido pelo Laboratório de Software encorporado da RWTH Aachen University e fornece um ambiente de execução confiável para aplicações com requisitos em tempo real em dispositivos móveis comuns. A plataforma […]

Algumas palavras do Fundador da Raspberry Pi Fundation!

Fala pessoal blz, hoje venho mostrar a vocês uma reportagem que foi feita a alguns anos sobre a Raspberry Pi, para Robert Mullins o criador da Raspberry Pi Foundation, se curtiu deixa aquele like e inscreva-se no canal. – Acesse o Blog: – Facebook: source

Autonomous Navigation using Raspberry Pi 2 + Roomba

This is a Poor Man’s Turtlebot My Hardware: -Raspberry Pi 2 ($35) -Roomba 780 (~$400 very old) -Kinect for Xbox 360 ($20 used) -Minigorilla multi-voltage battery ($55 clearance sale) -7pin DIN + jumper wires + USB uart (~$3 from China) Total Build Cost: ~$513 (vs Turtlebot 2 ~$2100) Software -Raspberry Pi 2: ROS Indigo on […]

Raspberry Pi $25 Dollar PC On A USB Stick! 700MHz ARM11, 128MB RAM, HMDI, USB, Ubuntu!

My WEBSITE: Google+: YouTube Main Channel: YouTube 2nd GAME Channel: Third Viral Video Channel: Twitter: Subscribe for more videos! Thanks. 🙂 Source: Raspberry Pi – the £15 computer: source

How to install OpenCV 3.1.0 on your Raspberry Pi [ Easy Installation Steps ]

Install OpenCV and Python on your Raspberry Pi 2 and B+ install opencv raspberry pi python, install opencv on raspberry pi 2, raspberry pi opencv c++ install, Follow below Steps to Install OpenCV and Python on your Raspberry Pi 2 and B+ sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install guvcview sudo apt-get […]

How to connect to a Raspberry Pi using PuTTY on Windows and Basic Linux Commands

This videos shows you how to connect to a Raspberry Pi using PuTTY on Windows and executing some basic Linux commands on the Raspberry Pi port for ssh: 22 to update on Arch Linux: pacman -Syu on Raspian sudo apt-get install update sudo apt-get install upgrade Download Link for binary: source

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