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BeagleBone Black VS Raspberry Pi!

In this video we will have a look at the newly released BeagleBone Black and see how it fares against the mighty reign of the Raspberry Pi! I go through the pros and cons of each device, show you how you can use them as well as show you footage of both the Black and […]

Raspberry Pi im Unterricht

Ingo Stein unterrichtet an der Neuen Mittelschule Koppstraße und ist dort u.a. E-Learning Beauftragter. Er zeigt, wie sich der kreditkartengroße Minicomputer Raspberry Pi im Unterricht einsetzten lässt. In der Schule bietet sich laut Stein entweder der Anschluss an einen Beamer, die Verwendung als Desktop Computer für die Schüler oder als Experimentiergerät im Informatikunterricht an. Bei […]

Raspberry Pi Microwave – Feature Demo

I added a Raspberry Pi to my microwave. ( Now my microwave has: * Re-designed touchpad & better sounds * Clock is automatically updated from the internet * Can be controlled with voice commands * Can use a barcode scanner to look up cooking instructions from an online database * There weren’t any online microwave […]

Chess Playing Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Turk

The Raspberry Turk is a robot that can play chess—it’s entirely open source, based on Raspberry Pi, and inspired by the 18th century chess playing machine, the Mechanical Turk. Website: Source Code: source

Raspberry Pi 3 come assistente digitale [2/2] ⋆ Alexa, Assistant, Cortana e Siri ⊷ #gon_Pi3

Il Raspberry Pi 3 (model b) può diventare anche un buon assistente digitale fai-da-te! In questo video l’analisi delle quattro intelligenze artificiali sviluppate dai big del settore: Alexa, Assistant, Cortana e Siri, con le mie considerazioni al riguardo. [Soundtrack by Various Artists released under Creative Commons] Per muoversi velocemente nel video: » Alexa (01:13) » […]

Raspberry Pi Dynamic Bike Headlight Prototype and Test

Here’s the first prototype of the Dynamic Bike Headlight. I managed to get it out onto the street to try it out, too! My previous video about it: View other videos on the vlog: Subscribe here: Visit my site: source

How Do I Change Directories In Linux Terminal?

Into the cd is a linux command to change directory of terminal’s shell 26 apr 2017 help and information with examples, syntax, related note by default, when you open terminal begin using first log on system, working set your home (where are standing in maze) ls f list files current indicate file type keyboard shortcut […]

Can Linux Read Exfat?

Once the packages have been downloaded and installed, your system now has support for reading writing to exfat formatted devices 23 jul 2012 linux doesn’t provide native file. Exfat dev sdd2 media usbdisk fuse exfat 1. Filesystem how to get a drive formatted with exfat working? Ask filesystem do i install and mount an partition? […]

Live Hacking – Completo – Blog no chaveiro

Na íntegra e sem cortes, o Passo a passo do Tutorial do post no blog Framboesa 3,14: Neste artigo vamos ensinar a instalar e configurar o blog do WordPress no Raspberry Pi, e este procedimento é aplicável a qualquer computador com Debian e derivados, como o Ubuntu. source

What Is A Deb Linux OS?

Devuan gnu linux free operating system. Ch os version do i have linux (rpm) or (deb)? Ask ubuntuabout ubuntu better know an debian gnu network world mint which distribution should you use? The universal operating system youtube. The debian project raspbian is a free operating system based on optimized for the raspberry pi hardware. Jan […]

$19.40 Orange Pi Lite Set5 Transparent Abs Case Power Supply Supported Android Ubuntu Debian Over Ra – Orange Pi Lite Set5 Transparent Abs Case Power Supply Supported Android Ubuntu Debian Over Raspberry Brand Name: ORANGEPI Intergrated Feature: 10 100Mbps WiFi 802.11b g n Processor Brand: Allwinner Interface: TF Card Support HDMI RCA Output 2 x USB2.0 Demo Board Type: ARM Memory Capacity: 512mb Model Number: Orange Pi Lite is it […]

$39.00 Orange Pi 2e Set2 Transparent Abs Case Support Android Ubuntu Debian Beyond Raspberry – Orange Pi 2e Set2 Transparent Abs Case Support Android Ubuntu Debian Beyond Raspberry Brand Name: ORANGEPI Memory Capacity: 2GB Processor Brand: Allwinner Intergrated Feature: 10 100 1000Mbps Model Number: Orange Pi Plus 2E Set 2 Interface: TF Card Support HDMI RCA Output 3 x USB2.0 Demo Board Type: ARM is it customized: Yes […]

Tutorial: Raspberry Pi – Systemsprache ändern [GERMAN/DEUTSCH]

In diesem kleinen Tutorial zeige ich euch, wie ihr die Systemsprache auf eurem Raspberry Pi von Englisch auf Deutsch ändern könnt. ——————————————————– Facebook: Twitter: Impressum: source

Install Windows 10 iot on raspberry pi 2 without windows 10

Install Windows 10 iot on raspberry pi 2 without windows 10 windows 10 iot raspberry pi- Windows 10 ADK Technical Preview- This video is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY. source

How to recognize text from image with Python OpenCv OCR ?

Recognize text from image using Python+ OpenCv + OCR. Click ads if you think this is a helpful resource. Source code: Relative videos: 1. Recognize answer sheet with mobile phone: 2. Recognize marked grid with USB camera: 3. Recognize answers sheet with mobile phone: source

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