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Xbian on Raspberry Pi playing 1080p MKV video files across home network from Mac OSX and PC

In this video I show my Raspberry Pi running under XBian distribution which loads it straight into XBMC media player. The main point is that it very happily plays HD videos over my home network from my desktop PC, that’s 1080p mkv video files To install: This is one page I found: but I […]

how to use putty and Xming for GUI–Raspberry Pi Display port

I have used Raspberry pi Model B,Putty & Xming application & my home LAN to demonstrate the working of Raspberry pi display to monitor. By this video you can learn to operate the Raspberry Pi display & access the terminal of the pi through your computer monitor using putty & Xming application. Links for both […]

How to Install KODI on Raspberry Pi (Xbian) Easy!

How to Install KODI on Raspberry Pi (Xbian) Easy! From, download the installer for your system. The host computer that will install kodi in your Pi. After download, run the installer. Select Pi 2 or Pi 3, hit ok and next select the version to install. Select the sd card and click to install. […]

Introducing – the ASUS Tinker Board Alternative for $40 ?

ASUS Tinker Board & Raspberry Pi 3 alternative. First Preview of the new NanoPi K2 Development Board / Single Board computer Based on Amlogic S905 SoC, sold for price of $40. Get it Here: For More Tech visit source

Raspberry pi Fedora remix running in Qemu

In anticipation of the arrival of my Raspberry pi I decided that I could wait no longer and decided to have a look at one of the Raspberry pi OS’s. Due to the Raspberry pi having an arm processor, running the Raspberry pi Fedora remix within virtualbox would not be possible. So I had to […]

Raspberry Pi 2 español unboxing y accesorios

Hoy os traigo el unboxing en español de la Raspberry Pi 2 y además o enseño algunos accesorios que usaré con ella. Raspberry en Amazon: Canal Principal: Apoya mi canal: Ven a mi server de Minecraft: IP: Únete a mi grupo de Steam: Juegos interesantes y baratitos: Ayúdamos a […]

Installing Syslog on the Raspberry Pi using Syslog-NG

In this video, I will show how to quickly setup a syslog server on your Raspberry Pi using Syslog-NG. It can be handy when troubleshooting a device or a new service on a device that hasnt been put into production. For the post accompanying this video, you can go to source

Using MobaXterm with the Raspberry Pi

I’ve never plugged a monitor, keyboard or mouse into any of my Raspberry Pi computers! All my interaction has been done via an SSH session. When first setting up Raspbian with “sudo raspi-config”, I disable the “boot to desktop option”… I figured the less the CPU has to do… the better! I use the free […]

Raspberry Pi – systém a první spuštění

Ano, je to potichu, ale lepší než kdyby to bylo nahlas a křupalo… ale mohl jsem to trochu vytáhnout, pravda. Děkuji za shlédnutí videa! Pokud se vám líbilo, dejte Like a pokud máte zájem o další videa, tak si přihlašte odběr, ať nic nezmeškáte! Web a fórum: Své dotazy, prosíme, pokládejte na fóru, kde […]

Episodio 4 – Conectando el Raspberry Pi a Internet | Raspberry Pi en 5 mins

Cuarto episodio de Raspberry Pi Colombia, en este episodio veremos como conectar el Raspberry Pi a Internet a través de conexión directa al router, usando dongle WiFi y conexión directa al PC. También estaremos viendo el uso de los comandos “ping” “route”. Tambien veremos como asignar una dirección IP estática al Raspberry Pi. Complemente su […]

Raspberry Pi- Using the GPIO… Part 1

Here is how to use your Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins… Part 1. Make sure to watch Part 2: EDIT: I apologise for the quality of the video, as well as the quality of my tutorial; this was one of my early tutorials and as you can see I was not very experienced at all! Please […]

Solución Raspbian – Quita los bordes negros del sistema Raspbian – Raspberry Pi 2

Solución – Elimina los bordes negros del sistema Raspbian de forma definitiva. ★ ★ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Abre la DESCRIPCIÓN (Dale a Mostrar Más) para saber más ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ★ ★ SUSCRÍBETE: “GRATIS” ★ ➜ Mas información AQUÍ: ★ ★======= PUEDES SEGUIRME EN ========★ ★ ➜ Mi PAGINA WEB: […]

Como clonar/copiar o Raspbian da Raspberry pi para Backup

Como criar uma cópia do Sistema Operacional da Raspberry pi. Obs: O meu cartão estava bugado, por isso apareceu 1,34 GB. Link para download Win32Disk Imager (Observação : Talvez essa versão possa não funcionar no seu Windows, se isso acontecer busque no google por alguma versão compatível). Canal Eletrônica Arduino e Android Facebook : […]

Raspberry Pi – Booting to a new 64GB Card

More videos like this online at Having imaged Rasberian to our new class 10, 64 GB SD card we now look at the first boot and enabling the OS to be able to use the whole space on the card. We will aslo setup the SSH server so we can clearly see the options […]

Raspberry Pi: soluzione problemi comuni

ecco come risolvere i problemi di primo avvio più comuni sul nostro amato lampone! se a monitor non si vede niente, probabilmente qualche settaggio dell’ HDMI è da configurare nel file apposito! Benvenuto sul canale del Morro! Qui si parla di informatica 360 gradi, in particolare di Linux e della nostra amata riga di comando […]

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