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Ubuntu Live USB With Persistent Data

This is a tutorial on how to build a bootable usb drive running ubuntu that you can bring with you and use on any other computer. Downloads: Ubuntu- … source

How to use a USB Drive with Ubuntu Linux

USB drives are essential to storing or sharing files between friends, family and co-workers. With capacities up to 256GB that can fit in your pocket, you’ll always … source

How to Install Ubuntu with USB bootable

How to Install Ubuntu LTS 18.04 along with Windows 7/8/10 Ubuntu on USB and installation Ubuntu 18.04 is the latest LTS release. Alongside support for the … source

Ubuntu und PANZER

*Panzer vor!* – Tamiya tank kit – Raspberry Pi 2 – WiFi dongle – USB Portable Charger (for RasPi2) – AA batteries (for mortors) – Snappy Ubuntu Core source

Kako napraviti butabilan ubuntu-live USB

UniversalUSBInstaller: Ubuntu 12.10 iso: Processor: Intel DualCore 2 e5700 RAM: 2GB HDD: 500GB Maticna: ASUS P5G41T-MLX3 GRAFICKA: Intel Inside 512mb source

Linux Ubuntu Boot From USB

Install Linux on a USB stick. Linux has unique qualities when installed via USB thumb drive. Ubuntu is a user friendly version of Linux that can be installed and customized for mobile use. Linux live CD has long been a powerful tool for computer scientists. The integration of the usb live boot has changed the […]

Portable Ubuntu Test Drive

me just playing around with Portable Ubuntu not the one you would think either it uses colinux Updated: July 3rd 2013 with a link that does work! Site: Original Product page: Note: its funny to think I was doing inception before it was cool, leo would be proud :P, also its CO-linux not […]

Ubuntu 15.04 Bootear Disco portable 25/07/2015

aplicando una forma distinta de ver la información. Creando un booteable con yumi en ubuntu 15.04. desde mi disco duro personal. *herramientas. -yumi “ultima versión YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator -Iso: ubuntu 15.04 nota: De tanto navegar encontré una pag de un usuario que tiene los link de descarga de las iso ubuntu 15.04 […]

Rescue Data from an Infected USB Drive with Ubuntu 16.04

In this Commix and More video, we are going to backup and restore the data from a USB flash drive that has been infected by a virus, trojan or worm that hides its contents. Most windows computers are always bombarded by numerous virus, worm, malware and trojan attacks. That is why windows users cannot live […]

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