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How to install Wine on Ubuntu 16.04

Commands: sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wine/wine-builds sudo apt-get update sudo apt install winehq-devel sudo apt install … source

Como instalar y configurar WINE en Ubuntu

Proporcionándoles un vídeo, en donde explico la manera de instalar el programa que imita a distintas versiones de Windows, llamado wine, y podrá hacer … source

SolusOS Initial Evaluation Streaming Test

Linux LIVE Stream for Everyone Everywhere. #2 LIVE Linux streams where you are the star and I fall my way through many different distro’s and app’s, feel free to join in the live chat and discover a very vibrant and really helpful community. Come on be a part of an elite club on youtube, dont […]

Linux deepin 15.4.1 | Réactivité générale en hausse

Petite erreur de ma part ! Le débit vidéo lors de l’encodage était de 300 à la place de 3000 ! Le logiciel de montage à pallier comme il pouvait ! J’espère que la qualité de la vidéo est quand même au rendez-vous ? TIMELINE —————- 00:19 : “deepin”, son histoire ; 08:34 : Lancement […]

KDE Neon User edition с Plasma 5.10 Обзор

В данном видео мы с Вами посмотрим на KDE Neon с пользовательским окружением Plasma 5.10.3. Я расскажу о нововведениях, о замеченных багах и производительности системы вцелом. Ссылка на дистрибутив: source

You Can Game On Linux

i show some cool games you can play on linux and eventually i will show footage of them running just fine on here.if you like the video please like and or subscribe. source

Prova de Perícia de Pombal 2017

Prova de perícia de Pombal – 16/07/2017 – Slalom Clube de Portugal To subscribe my Youtube channel please click on: Paypal donnation for support: My video lists: Music: Ten Years – Anders Schill Paulsen From: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Creative Commons Licence. follow me in: Facebook: Twitter: […]

Canal no youtube sobre Linux/Tecnologia “Oficina do Tux”

Link do canal Oficina do Tux: link do ppa para instalação do emulador Dolphin, mostrado no video: Sistema operacional: Xubuntu 16.04 Fedora 24 xfce / gnome Hardware: i7 4790k gtx 780 (driver 367.35) 8gb ram mouse abyssus headset lx3000 microfone sf-666 volante driving force gt Softwares: Kdenlive – edição audacity – edição OBS-studio […]

Albion Online – Early game thoughts. (Linux)

Now I have played a little more post launch, i am ready to have some thoughts 🙂 Game provided to me by developer Thank you for watching. Join us on Discord: .XPenguin Podcast (audio) feed: Patreon: Join my steam group: TuxDB: System Specs: OS: Antergos Linux (all updates done […]

A Tour of Zorin OS 12 – Software Showcase

Want more videos like this? ● Subscribe for new content! ● This year, we put a ’12’ on the box. Zorin OS 12 comes in two versions—Ultimate and Core. Core is the free version which has several desktop environments, a lot of built in apps, Wine support, and more. FACEBOOK PAGE: WEBSITE: […]

Recent Surge In Malvertising – Yahoo and Cortana hit

The news has been very quiet about a recent Malicious Advertising campaign that hit Asian users visiting Yahoo and using Cortana between 15 to 18 July 2017. I have seen quite a lot of fully patched Windows 10 and Mac systems become infected with an unknown strain of malware through Chrome and IE. Its an […]

Warframe, Teil 438 – So bin ich zu erreichen – (deutsch/german) [HD/1080p]

Ein “Free to Play” Titel, wo ihr als “Space Ninja” hackend und schießend das Sonnensystem befreit, auf Steam: Der Urvater aller Devstreams (TennoCon 2017): Im Spiel bin ich als KillburnMk3 zu finden. Einfach auf die Freundesliste packen und ich kann euch in den Dojo einladen. Ihr müsstet mich nur im Spiel für die Einladung […]

30 Days Of Linux Challenge: Gaming The True Story – Remastered

During the 30 Days Of Linux Challenge there was a few seconds of screen tearing that occured during the beginning stage of BioShock. This has led some folks to troll and others to question. So this video will be the overlay for the previous video since Youtube doesn’t allow text overlays anylonger. I hope this […]

Why I Have Switched to SolusOS MATE

From start to finish my experience with SolusOS has been one of utter enjoyment and simpllcty in every area from install to setup. I am so enjoying this o/s that i would recommend it to every desktop PC user who wants to migrate from Windows to Linux. Download here : Get BoBuntu Linux Here […]

О говносборках на ядре linux (9 часть) 2 в 1

О говносборках на ядре linux (9 часть) 2 в 1 – это ролик об очередных высерах с Дистровотч=))). Болталогии конечно больше чем обзор. Это мое личное мнение,прошу не бомбить. Вступаем в группу: source

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