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Top 10 ubuntu | Operating System | Best Linux & Unix os | Edubuntu | Kubuntu | Xubuntu | 2017

DOWNLOAD LINKS :- —————————————— 1.Edubuntu —————————————— 2.kubuntu ——————————————– 3.Ubuntu GNOME ——————————————— 4.Ubuntu MATE ——————————————– 5.Ubuntu Budgie ——————————————– 6.Lubuntu ——————————————– 7.Xubuntu ————————————————- 8.Gobuntu ————————————————- 9.Ubuntu Kylin ————————————————— 10.Ubuntu ————————————————— cyflwyniad i UNIX a Linux yn gweithredu chyfundrefn مقدمة ليونكس ونظام التشغيل لينكس ներածություն Unix եւ Linux օպերացիոն համակարգի ইউনিক্স এবং লিনাক্স অপারেটিং সিস্টেমের ভূমিকাতে 介绍unix和linux操作系统 介紹unix和linux操作系統 […]

Ubuntu 16.04 Beta “Xenial Xerus” Review 1080p

NOTE: please check timecodes below | Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux operating system and distribution for personal computers, smartphones and network servers. It uses Unity as its defaultdesktop environment. Release notes: ———————————————————————————————– More materials – Google+ group – Youtube channel – Twitter – Soundtracks – ————————————————————————————————– Timecodes: 0:00 […]

Ubuntu Rally Explained | Ask Noah 29

Noah takes a deep dive into Mir Wayland, what Canonical is doing with Ubuntu & how other projects like Arch and Fedora play into it. Interviews with people from the rally & of course your calls. Show Notes & Download: Support Jupiter Broadcasting on Patreon ————- — Jupiter Broadcasting Shows — Ask Noah […]

Internet Content Filtering on Ubuntu (Linux)

Whether you’re trying to protect your kids or protect yourself, Linux has the arsenal you need. OpenDNS: Pluckeye: Bad Hosts File: My PureBrowsing Script: Copy and paste into IPV4 tab in Network Manager OpenDNS Family Shield DNS:, How to install Pluckeye on Linux: Alternative to K9 Web Protection […]

Ajuda Linux – Dia 281 – 10 melhores distribuições Linux em 2016

Vídeo explicativo: 10 melhores distribuições Linux em 2016 Curso Online Linux Mint: 10 HORAS: Site Arch Linux: Site CentOS Linux: Site Elementary: Site Zorin OS: Site Fedora: Site Manjaro: Site OpenSuse: Site Ubuntu: Site Debian: Site Linux Mint: Um oferecimento: Linux Solutions – […]

Fedora 27 – Beta

Workstation – gnome-shell linux music: Audionautix: Crushin – na licencji Creative Commons Attribution ( Wykonawca: source

How to install and uninstall the Google chrome in Ubuntu 17.04 || EASY WAY

In this tutorial, i am going to install google chrome in Ubuntu ( 17.04 ) – To install the Google chrome in Ubuntu ( Debian ) in terminal 1. wget 2. sudo dpkg -i ./google-chrome*.deb 3. sudo apt-get install -f To uninstall the Google chrome 1. sudo apt-get purge google-chrome-stable 2. rm ~/.config/google-chrome/ -rf […]

Linux Action News 12

A good week for desktop Linux with news from Ubuntu, Fedora & openSUSE. Plus our take on the pending death of Flash, some great work by the Debian project & Mozilla’s updates us on Project Common Voice. Show Notes & Download: Support Jupiter Broadcasting on Patreon ————- — Jupiter Broadcasting Shows — Ask […]

Fedora 26 LXQt, GNU/Linux distribution review

Mastodon: Fedora 26 is available from “Fedora Workstation is a polished, easy to use operating system for laptop and desktop computers, with a complete set of tools for developers and makers of all kinds. Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built and used by people across […]

How to run Tor Browser on ubuntu 16.04

please check out my other videos, install google chrome on ubuntu 2017 Install video editor(openshot) on ubuntu 16.04 how to install dark themes and icons in ubuntu how to install utorrent in ubuntu/linux mint (without using commands) how to install grive(google drive) on ubuntu,linux mint how to install android emulator to run android apps on […]

Fedora 26 – Installing & Updating

I’ll be replacing my Workstation’s current distro (ElementaryOS) with Fedora 26 with a fresh install. ⬇︎Social Links ⬇︎ ✔︎ Discord: ✔︎ Website: ✔︎ Twitter: Tweets by egee_irl —- 👍 Support The Channel By Clicking The Links Below! 👍 ✔︎ Motherboard: MSI A88XM: ✔︎ CPU: A10-7850k: ✔︎ GPU: R7 360: ✔︎ […]

How to Setup Synergy

Synergy: A simple tutorial showing how to use one computer’s mouse and keyboard on other computers for a better setup for free! source

Unity3d em Linux – Teste em Placa AMD – Leia a descrição

Teste feito no Linux Ubuntu com placa de vídeo Radeon HD 7870. Neste forum você encontra as dicas de como instalar e, nos últimos posts, você também encontra os links para baixar as últimas versões do Unity3d para Linux: Link para o instalador .deb – Debian, Ubuntu e Linux Mint, etc: Link para […]

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