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Destination Linux EP39 – The Bit You Should Read

Welcome to Episode 39 of Destination Linux for 10/02/17 Correction from last week Just to set things straight, ArchMerge is a separate project from ArchLabs with a completely separate team. There is no collaboration between ArchLabs and ArchMerge and they have a completely different vision about a distro. They each go their own way. I […]

Return Of The Distrohopper | LINUX Unplugged 207

We get down to distros in today’s episode. Distro news, modular distros, some reviews & major new developments. Plus Chris talks about leaving Arch and returning to his distro-hopping roots & the major news that broke today. Show Notes & Download: Support Jupiter Broadcasting on Patreon ————- — Jupiter Broadcasting Shows — Ask […]

Ubuntu’s Bare Gnome | LINUX Unplugged 193

Community efforts to port Unity 8 or recreate the Unity 7 desktop are popping up all over & one of them is showing some real promise. Plus why Ubuntu Gnome left us feeling a little underwhelmed. Then, Solus has a Gnome edition now. Ikey stops by to tell us about it & other new things […]

Destination Linux EP29 – Is Chrome Your Color?

Welcome to Episode 29 of Destination Linux News Budgie Amendment from last week Menu sorting has been fixed – it no longer resorts the menu RevengeOS Mageia 6, finally ready to shine! Announcing Mageia 6, finally ready to shine! Pop!_OS Updates deepin 15.4.1 KDE Plasma 5.10.4 Desktop Environment Released […]

Late Night Linux – Episode 16

Jesse’s Pop!_OS nightmare, news about KDE’s event, desktop Android takes a hit, Mozilla are lazy, a look at distro with a lot of history and more. Jesse regrets pop!_ing his cherry ————————————————- Jesse tells us about his experience of trying Pop!_OS News ———– Akademy running 22nd – 27th July a nice overview of what went […]

Linux Action News 11

Android for the desktop might be dead, Google Glass is back, the latest Firefox usage data is devastating & the next Ubuntu is ready for a shakedown. Plus a quick look at Phoenix OS & the Ubuntu 18.04 survey! Show Notes & Download: Support Jupiter Broadcasting on Patreon ————- — Jupiter Broadcasting Shows […]

Linux Action News 10

With Chris away, Ryan joins Joe. A new release for Fedora, Yunit is now available for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu is now an app in the Windows Store, Ryan gives us more details about System76’s new OS, Ikey starts his new job at Solus & Beaker is a new browser that promises a truly decentralized web. […]

Destination Linux Episode 5 – Back to Basics

“Hello Linux Fans, Welcome to episode 5 for 1-14-17 Truly sad news from Ikey Doherty Quote “Solus won’t ever have the AUR” End Quote We discuss breaking down GNU/Linux into its simplest form In our discussion we discuss adding PPA’s or Repositories and the example we used was adding the Brisk Menu to Ubuntu. […]

Opencast #55 – Malware na Ubuntu Store

Opencast de número 55 no ar e neste episódio Diego e Ivan batem um papo sobre as notícias e acontecimentos que movimentaram o mundo do software livre nos últimos dias. Este episódio está atrasado por que o meu fone de ouvido resolver virar um morto-vivo e acabei editando com bastante chiado. Me desculpem se algum […]

Fear and Linux in Las Vegas | Linux Action Show 429

Noah’s back from Defcon! He shares his experience at this infamous conference, his Linux in the wild sightings & his surprising takeaway. Plus Btrfs’ RAID 5/6 code has been found “unsafe”, the FossHub compromise, an Internet of Things failure that struck close to home & more! Show Notes & Download: Support Jupiter Broadcasting on […]

What’s New MATE | LINUX Unplugged 116

Behind the scenes on Ubuntu MATE’s new features pushing the Ubuntu platform forward for traditional desktops, why Apple’s latest court case proves Richard Stallman was right about owning your own software & there is real debate about Xiaomi’s new Linux laptop. Plus the big EFF win that’s great for Linux users, the big problems facing […]

Project Sputnik Interview | LINUX Unplugged 179

Project Sputnik’s Barton George joins us to discuss the new Dell hardware running Linux & the history of the Sputnik project. Plus the KillDisk hype is high, The Pi’s PIXEL is taking on MATE, another Mac dev switches to Linux & more! Show Notes & Download: Support Jupiter Broadcasting on Patreon ————- — […]

Podcast Canaltech – Segunda-feira, 12/05/14

Já assistiu o conteúdo surpresa do dia? Crise na TelexFree Diminuição do preço do iPhone 4S Vendas do Galaxy S5 Mudança de visual do GMail Google falando português EA anuncia fim do suporte a 50 games. Acompanhe o Canaltech nas redes sociais: Facebook: Twitter: Podcast: […]

High on NextCloud | Linux Action Show 448

We chat with Joss from NextCloud about two factor, crazy performance improvements, the OwnCloud hangover, setting up your ultimate Dropbox and Google Docs replacements & more! Show Notes & Download: Support Jupiter Broadcasting on Patreon ————- — Jupiter Broadcasting Shows — Coder Radio ——————– Tech Talk Today ————– Linux Unplugged ————- […]

Adiós 2016. Hola 2017 ¿El año de Linux?

Bueno como es de esperar no podemos terminar el año sin un pequeño resumen de lo que para mi a sido este 2016 con gnu/linux. Un repaso a los puntos buenos y a los no tan buenos que nos ha dado este 2016. También comentar como creo que será 2017 en lo que a gnu/linux […]

La obsolescencia informática y como combatirla | Podcast

Para el programa piloto tratamos el tema de la obsolescencia programada y percibida, de como nos afecta y el porque linux es el arma definitiva para evitarla. El podcast a sido realizado en base a un artículo publicado en escrito por Inés Binder. La música a sido descargada de Jamendo y de la FSF […]

Destination Linux Episode 4 – This Mate Is Brisk!

Destination Linux Episode 4 for 1-7-16 “Hello Linux Fans, Welcome to episode 4 of “Destination Linux” We are switching podcast upload providers from Soundcloud to Podomatic which means you will have to resubscribe to the RSS feed to continue to receive the podcast. Podomatic podcast page Podomatic RSS Feed We are also streamlining […]

#087: PowerShot N, Polaroid ILCs, Ubuntu Phone & Panasonic’s 20″ 4K Tablet

CES 2013 Coverage: Canon PowerShot N, LG’s Smart Home, Polaroid Android-based Interchangeable lens cameras, Cononical’s Ubuntu Phone OS and Panasonic’s 20-inch 4K Windows 8 Tablet – all on this weeks episode of The Digital Photography Cafe Show. For more information and show notes visit: Connect With Us: Website: Twitter: Facebook: source

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