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حل جميع مشاكل برامج ال VPN

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله تعالى وبركاته __________________________________ أهلا ومرحبا بكم معنا في قناه Fix Your Android شرح طريقه إصلاح برامج ال VPN من Error code 4005 الطريقه دي بالنسبه للناس إلى عامله رووت للهاتف ومثبته برنامج ال Busy Box رابط برنامج busy box free : رابط برنامج busy box pro النسخه الاصليه: _____________________________________________ […]

Private Internet Access VPN REVIEW! (PIA 2017)

PIA, Private Internet Access is one of the highest and most popular VPNs on the market. But how does it actually test out and compare to other services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN? In this video review, I, Techlore, test PIA’s speed, security, reliability, settings, customization, and usability as a whole. Signup for PIA: Private […]

NordVPN 6 Months Later UPDATE! Is it STILL Recommended?!

NordVPN is commonly regarded as the best VPN you can possibly buy. But is this actually true? In this 6 month update, I go over my old review and opinion on the service and see if anything has changed since then. I, Techlore, test Nord’s speed, security, reliability, settings, customization, and usability as a whole, […]

Private OpenVPN Server Setup on Ubuntu 17.04 Server

Installation Command: wget –no-check-certificate -O && bash Digitalocean 10$ promo codes: primeliber-08621d93 primeliber-08cc6ea6 primeliber-08dcf692 primeliber-08e17b3d primeliber-08fd8846 primeliber-093e149e primeliber-09528898 primeliber-09a88b60 primeliber-09ba9fd9 primeliber-09dadbd3 primeliber-0a4c5542 primeliber-0aed6d83 primeliber-0afc661c primeliber-0b05d478 primeliber-0b24e3a9 primeliber-0b449d92 primeliber-0b792216 primeliber-0b7a2643 primeliber-0be08fb7 primeliber-0c5fef12 primeliber-0d34b765 primeliber-0d5016a1 primeliber-0d9ac4df primeliber-0e0de355 Tutorial about setting up own VPN server – OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 17.04 Server. source

How To Install SoftEther VPN Server (Ubuntu Server 16+)

In this video I’ll be demonstrating how you install SoftEther VPN Server to any VPS and have your own private VPN server! Why SoftEther? There’s multiple reasons to choose SoftEther over OpenVPN. SoftEther supports many popular protocols, such as L2TP/IPsec, VPN over SSL, OpenVPN, etc. PuTTY for Windows: Ubuntu Install Script: CentOS Install […]

How to install LAMP,SUN JAVA 6 & ADITO VPN in Ubuntu 11.10

Only JAVA & ANT required for Adito VPN, You can skip setting up environment variables and installing LAMP Server if you wish. For clear explanations visit my site source

How to setup TorGuard lite on Ubuntu

This TorGuard video tutorial shows step by step how to install the TorGuard lite VPN software on any Ubuntu system. You can register for TorGuard services at: For support, please contact us here: Note: Viscosity Video link coming soon! source

ibVPN OpenVPN Setup on Linux Ubuntu 14

Easily configure a ibVPN connection using the OpenVPN GUI on Linux. Get your free trial here: source

How to Download Files from Mega co nz unlimitedly using Kali Linux and AnonsurfVPN 2017 FREE

Kali Linux 2016.2 | Mega Unlimited No 5 hour of waiting time ====================================================== WARNING: For Educational Purposes Only! BE AWARE Of This! I’m not responsible how you use this method by you or to you! ====================================================== Link to anonsurf : Facebook Page : Instagram Page: Twitter Page: ====================================================== linux, kali linux, kali linux […]

How to setup Openvpn-os On Ubuntu

Links to programs i used in this video source

Full VPN Tutorial (Virtual Private Network)

This is a full in depth tutorial on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). This tutorial will show you how to setup a VPN for the PC and Xbox 360. The video also aims to explain what a VPN does and show you all the advantages and reasons why you might want to have a VPN. List […]

Http Injector + OpenVPN Windows

Em breve Linux e Android… Http Injector Java: Obrigado por assistirem. Deixem seu LIKE e COMPARTILHEM. Fiquem com Deus. source


How To Get your FREE VPN on Linux Mint or Ubuntu , kali Linux for FREE on ,Free-VPN for ubuntu, OpenVPN Linux Mint,how to get a VPN Free,OpenVpn Linux Mint open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) cmd :: sudo apt-get install openvpn network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome go to link sudo openvpn –config zenvpn.ovpn source

How To Setup VPN Server Connection On Linux Mint Ubuntu

Protect and encrypt your Internet traffic, multiple countries and IP-addresses on your choose. Just buy VPN and get access to all features! Go to site “hideme”: We offer the possible maximum data security and anonymity while you are in Internet. Also, we remove any geographical limits elevating your Internet to the next level. Get […]

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