Ubuntu 14.04 VS Windows 7 : Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo on an AMD HD5750










A short video checking out the recently released UE4 Elemental demo running on both Ubuntu and Windows, this time on AMD hardware. Currently, Unreal Engine 4 is still in development for Linux. Thus, this is just a short sneak peak on where the performance currently is.

On both the Ubuntu and Windows side, I am using the AMD Catalyst 14.6 RC drivers. Thus, there should be no discrepancies here hopefully.

I was surprised to see that Windows 7 struggled to keep going on with this demo, despite showing higher frames per second than Ubuntu.

Whilst Windows 7 still takes the lead with FPS, it does not do it elegantly and I feel that the Ubuntu experience would be more sufficient despite the lower FPS.

All in all though, the HD5000 series cards are most definitely not the target of Unreal Engine 4. Not even my Nvidia 680 card does that well.

I look forward to seeing UE4 deliver performance at the same quality Unigine does for both platforms in the future.

I apologize in advance if I’ve made any mistakes, I did the comparison to the best of my knowledge and hopefully have a consistent set of constants and variables in place to ensure this test is beneficial to you, the viewer.

For the On-Screen-Display on Ubuntu, I used GLXOSD which can be found here:

For the On-Screen-Display on Windows, I used MSI Afterburner which can be found here:

Download UE4 Elemental demo [FREE]:

Download Steam for Linux [FREE]:

My 2nd desktop specs [used in this video]:
CPU – AMD 965 BE x4 3.4GHz
GPU – AMD Radeon HD5750 (Catalyst 14.6 RC)
RAM – 4GB 1333MHz Kingston
OS – Ubuntu 14.04 64Bit/Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit/SteamOS (Triple Boot)

Video recorded using:
Canon SX50HS camera
Blue Yeti Microphone

Video edited using the following software:
VideoStudio Ultimate X7
GIMP 2.8.10

Download Ubuntu 14.04 for free:

Download GIMP 2.8.4 for free:

My alias in

About me:
I’m just a Malaysian student studying in Multimedia University Cyberjaya. I am currently undergoing an internship in a networking company, bringing IPv6 to IPv4 only buildings [Solunet SDN BHD].




  1. I have a alienware m14x r2 with windows 7 ultimate. And trust me just a simple model and some lightnings it will hang or bluescreen error.

  2. Hanging is what Windows does best.  I'm EXTREMELY interested to see how Wayland will affect linux performance when it finally comes out.

  3. Hi! Wow! Don't know your channel, I'm a ubuntu gammer. I follow you now. I am Brazilian and don't speak english, but accompany their work. You could install FIFA 14 by PlayOnLinux? Gave me to understand? Sorry for my english.

  4. Hi, you should try your games under arch linux, if you go see winehq they have more game playing under arch than ubuntu, and under arch you can install steam with no problem.
    It's only a suggextion, no heart feeling 🙂

  5. Looks like a new version of Catalyst is available.  Still called 14.6 though.  Is this the newest, or the version that came out in late May?  I'd be curious to know if there are any improvements in the Linux version.

  6. After checking out the Nvidia side of things, I decided to check out Unreal Engine 4's Elemental Demo on AMD hardware! This 2nd desktop system was also running Windows 7 Ultimate, so I pitted Ubuntu 14.04 against it to see which UE4 favors more currently. Some interesting results, check out the video! #unrealengine4 #ubuntu #linuxgaming  

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