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  1. I've been personally using Solus for the past week or so (Coming from Fedora Gnome) and I'm pretty impressed with it. For a distro that is just at its 1.1 release status I'd say it's pretty stable and shows some good promise. I do agree with a lot that is said in this as far as fragmentation goes. Linus himself hit of this in a interview I seen via youtube not to long ago, and what he said made a lot of sense when it comes to big software companies making programs for Linux. Basically he blamed the huge amount of fragmentation and the fact that when it comes to windows and apple, software developers are only having to build for just that OS, but with Linux there are so many derivatives and forks that there is no way that software companies could keep up maintaining all the different Distros. And the comment about alot of projects being started and never finished is so true and so sad in this community…just look at Ubuntu!! Total case and point there, can't remember the last time they introduced something and actually finished etc..unity and ubuntu software center which before that was ubuntu one and whatever else got left behind (I kind of question some of these Ubuntu derivatives motives anyway, not sure if thats Canonicals way of having their name on it to in a since control or buffer themselves if a desktop environment actually started becoming more popular than ubuntu, but thats probably just my aluminum foil hat showing through lol) On the flip side i feel that some of the forking can be a good thing as it helps drive innovation through competition but I still only think that if we ever do see serious software companies coming into play it will only be officially supported for maybe the top two distros or so maybe a RPM and a DEB based distro basically how we see with Google Chrome. Anyway good job on video

  2. Part of the problem is the consumer. So many Linux users game on Windows so when Steam looks at stats they see Linux 1% because it's userbase is gaming on Windows (even games that run on Linux).

    As a community we should stop using Windows all together if we're serious about consuming commercial software on this platform.

  3. The Indian guy (sorry didn't catch his name) has it right with the first sentence! Exactly what I was thinking for a lot of time about open-source.

    What the ope-source world needs is less forking more organizing. Concentrate on a couple of software projects (like a couple of CAD programs, a couple of video editing software etc. ) and work on them until they're comparable with the commercial competition out there.

    LESS FORKING MORE ORGANIZING is the key point here I believe.

  4. my main features i want in an os is 1 is it customizable 2 can my apps work 3 can i run my edge pop ups and cascade my desktop to see whats open 4 is it stable

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